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Who has used a G-tech in there quattro

Fellow Audi Listers,

      I was wondering how many other q-lister have a G-tech and what kind of
results they have gotten.  I did a few "runs" last night in my '84 Ur-q and
this is what I got for acceleration numbers (averaged over 4 runs) 

0-60= 5.72sec
1/4 mile= 14.4@ 102.6mph
HP = 187BHP ( using 2850lbs as a weight)

just want to see what other Q-lister have gotten with there cars.  by the way
my clutch got a little weird after 4 runs (it was fine this morning).  I was
launching the car at 3500RPM which induced a small amount of front wheel spin
but also seemed to keep the car in the boost.

'87 5ktq (IA Stage II, Fuchs Wheels, Euro Lights)
'84 Ur-q (TAP Box, 8" Wheels, H&R, Poly Bushings, Exhaust)

-I do not condone or recomend speeding or driving crazy like on public roads-