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What is a UR-Q?

In message <UPMAIL13.199708270005510223@classic.msn.com> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> >As Jeremy Clarkson pointed out in a hilarious piece in the Sunday Times 
> >yesterday, the only time these 4WDs go off-road is to park on the sidewalk.

> I heard that sales of Troopers and Patrols doubled in the south of England 
> when it was rumored that stripped pine door cladding was to become available. 

Oh, frigg!  There's no Audi content, but this epitomises both northern 
prejudices against southerners and their justification.  Back from a day in the 
south - saw two things worthy of note:
a) A _ludicrously_ pretentious ovloV S70-R in metallic gold.
b) An Audi A2 (yes, an _A2_) in original colours with decals and a legal-
   looking numberplate waiting in a stream of traffic to leave the M25 for the
   M40.  A street-registered A2?  Who?  Where?  What?  How?  It seemed to 
   have a Sport bonnet on it, so I will call Aelred in the morning (Dialynx 
   is in Swindon, up the M4, so it could have come off the M4 and been heading 
   for either London or the Cheshams.  I know he has an A2, but the last time
   I saw it, it was sans decals.  Spectacular vehicle, though.
 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club