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Re: UrQ Radiator Replacement Options

Andrew Finney wrote:
> Here's the score so far on replacements for the main radiator in
> my UrQ.
> Original radiator - $500 (ouch)
> One from a 1987 CGT with dual radiators- $220 (good, but still
> need aux. radiator and no guarantee it will fit 100%)
> Sportwheels custom single - $800 (Excelent, still in beta
> version, v. expensive)
> Go with single radiator from other 4000 series - ? (Some say
> the late coupes had a larger capacity rad, others say the late
> 4000Q's had a larger capacity?) Chris Semple has a great deal
> on custom versions of this. Didn't someone overheat with a
> regular main w/ no aux?
> Dialynx (Don't even ask how much, I didn't)
> Anyone have any other thoughts or reasons why I shouldn't go
> with the single rad. out of a 4000Q from Autobahn? Was there
> really no reason that Audi put an aux. rad. in these cars? Plus,
> why do the 130hp '87 CGT's have a dual system? So many
> questions. Someone shed some light here before I'm stupid
> and go with the cheap option combined with new low temp
> thermostat and thermoswitch.
> Thanks.
> Andrew Finney
> 1983 UrQ.
   The rad from the 87 cpgt 130 horse engine fits as well as the
original because it is the same.I have done this many times.Also I
recommend replacing the rad fan switch with the cooler version .