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Re: dura lube and other additives

Paul Dansereau wrote:
> anyone tried any additives in there cars? I am thinking of trying
> duralube in my car. I was wondering what negative side affects this may
> have on future performance, and reliablity of my engine.
> Thanks
> --
> Paul Dansereau
> 93 90sq (stock as it gets)

Here's a no vote.  Why?  Don't know except from what I read which is
it's an expensive hype and you can accomplish the same thing with
regular oil/filter changes.  

My only "long term" experience is with an 86 Jeep 194K miles, big ol
Merican V8 that's seen nothing but good quality oil and filters it's
entire life.  And this ain't the neighbors SUV, it's seen some realll
hard times (once pulled a stump and had the cable snap and smash the
rear window) and it's been to the bone chilling cold of Burlington, VT
every winter since new.

Burns a half qt every 2.5K miles, gets 11MPG (got 13MPG new), and it's
quiet (no lifter noise, knocks, etc.).  Of course now that it heard
this, it'll blow up next week.

MJ Murphy
89 100 
86 Jeep G Wagoneer