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Re: Today's case, are the doctors in?

turbo@steelcity.net wrote:

>         Follow th lower rad hose to the engine there you will find the
> thermostat.As far as the fan goes check the fuse they do go bad from age
> it is located by the master cyl on the inner fender with two brown wires
> going to it.The fuse is a 70 amp the same as the diesels use for the
> glow plugs.
> turbo

Thaks all for the help.  
Patient recoverd this AM after a good cooling system enema and new
thermostat.  If you happen to own a 100 non-Q, the thermostat to get is
the 87 degree C (185F) version, least that's what was in my 100 and it
was OE Audi.  Also, consider cooking the new thermostat (to see if it
opens at temp) it saved me some time as the first one bought was DOA.

MJ Murphy
89 100 (back amongst the living)
86 Jeep G Wagoneer