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Re: 2WD v. AWD

At 11:05 PM 8/27/97 -0400, Elliott Potter wrote:
>Isn't this the way the new ovloV AWD works?  And the urabuS?  I was
>under the impression that as of now quattro is the only *mass produced*
>full-time AWD and the others just use a viscous-coupling method that
>splits power at about 95% front /5% back.

I don't keep up-to-date on newer ovloV or "You Are A Bus" models, but, to
get extremely picky here, regardless of power split, if all wheels are
driven at all times, even if some are only getting 5%, isn't it still, by
definition, all wheel drive?

The system the mechanic is describing is obviously not an all wheel drive
system, but one such as the older 4WD (not AWD) Subarus used, where they
are in fact FWD until 4WD is engaged.  Audi has never used such a system.

On a tangent issue, one lister was discussing differential engagement and a
question arose in my mind.  In which "mode" is an unlocked, standard
(non-Torsen, non-limited-slip, etc) differential considered to be
"engaged"?  When it is splitting drive force equally between wheels (or
drive shafts), or when it is driving a single wheel (or driveshaft)?  I
would have assumed the former, since when driving wheels equally it is not

Back to the original issue; I would suggest getting a new mechanic, as
other listers have.  I would also, however, take a little time out to
explain to this mechanic (if he seemed willing to listen) that he is
misinformed about how Audi Quattro systems work, in the hopes that he might
take it upon himself to educate further on Quattro systems, for both his
own benefit as well as that of potential future Audi customers.  If the
mechanic showed an interest in persuing the knowledge, I would even go so
far as to recommend a few sources of information.

Of course, I grew up in a fairly small, friendly town, which probably
encouraged this sort of response.  Had I grown up in New York City, or
Chicago, or some other major city, I would probably tell the mechanic he
was an idiot and should get a new job. ;>