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Re: quattro-digest V4 #1060

Shea Rutstein <rutstein@erols.com> sayeth:
> Al Powell writes about installing a NEW AC blower.
> Last winter my blower quit.  Actually it would start running when I gave a
> push through the little inspection cover.  After disassembling (what I
> always do if I think I need to buy a new part anyway), I found out the
> problem was that the carbon brushes had worn away (this on my 86 5ks with
> 200,000?? miles).  I picked up a couple of similar brushes that were a
> little too long from my local hardware store, cut them down to size, and
> soldered them back in. I also lubed the bearings. The blower's been working
> fine since and only cost me $4.00 for the brushes and $3.75 for the silicon
> sealer (steak knife technique).

Shea, "rat own".  When I pulled the old one, the principal 
characteristic I observed was very work brushes and gaboons (my 
wife's favorite term for large quans.) of icky black dust from the 
old brushes.  However, the new fan went in - car works -  and the old 
one is still in my garage.

ANYONE wanting the old blower fan from my 200 is welcome to it if 
they'll pay for the shipping.  You can replace brushes, lube it 
and/or diagnose to your heart's content.  Reply AT ONCE before I make 
a run to the dump this Saturday!

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107 Reed McDonald Bldg.          Fax:    409/862-1202
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