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RE: Getting a full tank in a 90Q

A little less stressfull than waiting to run out of gas may be to unplug
the connector from the float at the gas tank and place a 149.5 ohm load(
from the Bently) across it, then adjust the fuel guage to the top of the
red.  The resistive load can be created by a decent potentiometer found
at an electronics supply store like Radio Shack.  Use an Ohmmeter to set
the potentiometer to the correct resistance.  When you have the correct
load you can use the adjustment on the dash located next to the fuel
guage to adjust the needle to the top of the red zone. The adjustment
knob is in the post next to the fuel guage - use needle nose plyers to
remove the cap. I can't remember if you need a small phillips
screwdriver or an allen wrench.  NOTE:This is the procedure for an '89
90Q, I don't know if it is the same for all other models or maybe just
those with an 18.5(3.1 reserve in my owners manual)gallon tank.  If
memory serves, this procedure adjusts the needle only on cars w/o trip
computer.  For cars w/computer it adjusts the fuel consumption rate for
the computer( I think). Questions, comments?
Chris Perry
'89 90Q	
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>>This gives me the impression that "reserve" fuel capacity is included 
>>within the total capacity, as opposed to being in addition to the total 
>>capacity. So, when I'm limping into the gas station on fumes, almost 
>>stalling, I should expect to pump about 17.0 gal., not 19.1 gal.
>>I also get the impression that when the needle is at the bottom of the 
>>red, there isn't supposed to be any fuel left (the "reserve" fuel has 
>>already been burned).
>Do these cars have the little man that come out waving a gas can when you get
>low? If so, are you seeing him? If it does and you aren't, you should. BTDT.
>Keep some gas in the trunk, drive with the correct allen key on the passenger
>seat until he comes a wavin', set fuel gauge to top of red. 
>Walla, accurate fuel gauge
>Steve Bigelow
>Ottawa ON
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