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Can Am Cars


         OK, those can am cars pretty much had nothing to do with Audi.  It was
a Porsche car (loosely).  It had "Porsche + Audi" on it because Porsches and
Audis were once (and still usually are) sold side by side (same company..all
part of VW of America).  So, they were just trying to get thier cars sold.

         Next thing....I don't think the 917 was a Can Am car.  Yes, it was
baby blue and had "Sunoco" and "Porsche + Audi" plastered all over it, but I
don't think the 917 is what you are thinking of.  If my memory serves me
correctly, the 917 had a small 6 cylinder motor (based of porsche's desighn,
i.e. air cooled) and produced much less horsepower than the car am cars.  I
think they were raced in Le Mans type racing (kinda like what GTP is).

          There was however a Porsche (or Porsche powered Can Am car).  I think
this may be what you are thinking of as these beasts could have unlimited
engine size and horsepower.  They were very basic and very fast!  Common names
here were Lola, Mc Laren, Chapparal, and Chevron.  Engines were from a variety
of sources, some from Porsche.  Now, I don't know much about these cars, or
what thier powerplant was or how much horsepower they produced (I don't think
it was 1,000 although they were getting up there) but I do know a little from
years of spectating vintage racing events.

           BTW, an interesting side note.  The Can Am cars racing in the
Chicago Historics last month were beating the times they had on that same track
back in the late 60's!  In essence, they were hauling ass!  ;)