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87 5kcstq Blower questions

First off, I have searched the archives looking for Eric's "steak knife"
method of R&Ring the CC blower and for the life of me can't find it. Can
someone who has a saved copy drop it my way? 

Now the real questions...I think the blower motor in my new baby is on it's
last legs. Most of the time it works fine, sometimes it squeeks (bad sign)
and sometimes it doesn't work and/or has huge speed variations (worse sign).
When it works (most of the time) it works fine. In searching the archives I
see several people have gotten away with brush replacement and not had to
replace the motor. Others have replaced motors only to find the control unit
is bad. So, before I go at my new baby with a steak knife <g> can ya'll help
prepare me for this little project? I'm heading to Fontana CA (CA 500
beckons) in a month and will *require* good working AC for this trip. TIA

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (gets better every day)
85 4ksq (still for sale and needs nothing but a new owner)