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Re: More struts

In messages dated 8/26 and 8/27/97 Larry Smeins <lsmeins@ball.com> writes:

<<replaced the strut assembly with a strut cartridge that didn't match the
nearly new KYBs that I had in it.>> <and>

<<It has an Audi 4 ring symbol and part number on it.  For me, I prefer the
KYBs over the stock struts, based on having one of each on opposite sides of
my car. When I was first introduced to KYBs they were represented as the best
shock/strut per $.  I think that is still the case for me.  If I were looking
at the best strut, to hell with cost, I'd be buying Bilsteins or Konis.>>

My experiences with KYB's mirror Larry's. I first (very skeptically I might
add) tried them many years ago on a 914 that had some suspension toys added
and founf them to be excellent. A few years back I replaced all four struts
on a 4kq (not the one I have now but another '85) with Boge turbo-gas and
found little improvement over the 85k miles old o.e. ones (which I *thought*
were gone). Based on that experience, I tried 4 KYB's on my current 4ksq and
love them! Now, while I agree that if price is no object Bilstein or Koni is
the way to go, I am really trying to understand why KYB (they too carry a
lifetime warranty BTW) are considered to be a poor choice yet the Boges are
considored wonderful???? I am about to do front struts on my 5kcstq and am
really leaning hard towards trying the KYB's on it too...I can't afford "the
good stuff" and really don't feel that Boges are worth the extra $$$ over KYB
when in my own experiences the KYB's seem better. As I have stated in the
past, I'm no expert...just and end-user :-). Can some of our more esteemed
suspension experts or folks who have btdt with these various brands explain
the real pros and cons???? One thing I was told about KYB is they "raise the
car since they are high pressure gas" which I have a hard time believeing
since Bilsteins are supposedly the best choice yet are HP gas as well. I also
recall Eric F. stating "they are just dampers" and "they are the same as
Monroe and Carrera"...I guess what I'm really asking is has anyone tried them
on a 5ktq who has also used the Boge turbo-gas and how do they compare? TIA

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (needs front struts!)
85 4ksq (needs new owner!)