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AWD and 4WD

A small matter...  Qlist mail traffic in the last few days has seen AWD and 4WD
used interchangably.  A few years ago one of the magazines, R&T or CandD,
suggested a functional separation of the terms to reduce confusion and foster

4WD refers to vehicles with systems which are designed to go off-road, with high
ground clearance and with potential for rugged use.  Clearly Bronco, Land Rover,
CJ-5/7, generic big and little trucks, Trooper, ect. qualify for this category.

AWD is applied to vehicles with systems which will also drive all four wheels
but are intended for road use.  Things like Talon/Eclipse, Audi Quattro, Subaru,
Jensen Interceptor Ferguson Formula, and the like are AWD.

Certainly each type can be used for the other purpose as long as the limitations
and compromises can be tolerated.  

Regards,  Gross Scruggs
One of each: '87 5kCSq, '92 Trooper

"Please... correct me if I'm right!"  Anonymous.