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Re: Audi-o!

On 28 Aug 1997, Michael Shields wrote:

> If you haven't seen it, look at http://www.pond.com/~earl540/ where a
> guy has taken a BMW 540 and added $46,000 (no typo) of audio
> equipment.
> But it's for sale.  He's buying an A4.
> -- 
> Shields.
> ['86 Coupe GT]
Well, in a way, I can top that. He spent about as much on the stereo as on
the car. I exceeded that ratio slightly, even though a 5000CS is fairly
cheap, that's still more gear than I care to really think about- but at
any rate, I think I can say that Earl is making a good choice. This is my
sixth vehicle, and the only one whose electrical system can take the
beating I dish out. Also, Audis generally have a pretty low noise floor.


1987 5000CST, around 110 lbs of audio gear;)