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Re: Brakes "sticking" '89 200 2wd

Shawn Kolu wrote:
> I have checked the archives but can't seem to find any helpful references
> related to this problem.
> I have a 89 200 2wd.  Sometimes in the middle of a freeway drive, my car
> will "bog down".  It feels like I am driving against a very strong
> headwind.  When I get home the front wheels are very hot, and I have
> noticed over time a higher concentration of brake dust than was normal.
> It sure seems that the front brake pads are applying pressure without any
> brake pedal pressure; would this be called "unintended deceleration" : )
> I can pump the brake or press hard on the brake, without any noticeable
> improvement.  It seems to resolve on its' own in a random fashion.  My
> questions:  where should I start, calipers, master cylinder, brake servo,
> line bleeding, pressure accumulator, or the "bomb".
> Have you ever heard of this type of problem?  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.  Post or Email
> Shawn Kolu
> skolu@ibm.net
> 89' 200 Turbo
	 Yes I have heard of this problem and every time it was the master
cylinder.To tset remove m-cyl from booster two 13mm bolts and try to
turn the aluminum piston sticking out the back of the m-cyl DO NOT USE
TOOLS. Use your fingers only use of pliers will scratch surface and will
damage m-cyl.The piston should be able to turn with your fingers if it
is tight it probably needs replaced.
	This condition as you describe it "car bogging down intermittently on a
warm day" is kind of a problem on 5k's and 100's/200's.