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I'm back

Hey y'all, 
It's been a long summer without the list, but I'm back at school and 
attached to the 'net again.  I've missed everybody.

I bought an explorer this summer as i needed a suv, but I redesigned the 
rear end yesterday so I thought about trading it in as soon as it gets 
fixed.  I called my Audi dealer to inquire about the 1.8t A4 and they 
said that for '98 there are no sport seats in the sport package.  Can 
anyone confirm this?  I hope not, cause I loved them.

Also anyone had good experience with a Audi dealer in the Mid-, 
South-Atlantic area.  I worked for the local one and would never buy a 
car from them.


Bryan Bowen
Elon College, NC
International Business Major/Spanish Minor

'86 CGT Comm. Ed. (Gone, but not forgotten!)
'93 Explorer 4x4 (close but no Q!)
(and a new rounded rearend)