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Re: Ur quattro for sale in Yorkshire

On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, Ian J Haseltine wrote:

> Spotted this ad today:
> F AUDI QUATTRO TURBO Pearlescent white with silver grey hide interior, full 
> main dealer service history,  79k,  11995GBP
> Kirk Lane Motor Co,
> Kirk Lane,
> Yeadon,
> LEEDS       0113 250 0001
Haaaaa haaaaaaa

That is the very first Quattro I went to look at when I was buying mine 
(by the sound of it anyway).
Basically, I went to look at an S2 at that garage and it got sold in the 
3/4 of an hour it took me to get to the garage. Anyway (this is all back 
in November last year) the guy who owned the garage asked me if I would 
be interested in an old shapped Quattro, to which I said yes, if I could 
find one that was worth buying.
Anyway this car was/could still be tucked away in a Car Valating service 
place near the Yorkshire TV, and I went to go look at it. It was caked in 
dust and had obviouslly not moved for sometime. As I could not look 
around the car properly (as it needed moving) I arranged to go back 
another day, when I also said I wanted it up and running.

To cut a long story short, I went back with another Quattro owner and we 
had a good look around the car. It has been resprayed down the drivers 
side and some parts of the left hand side, due to an incident in a 
supermarket car park. The job looked ok, buy Im not sure what it would 
look like in day light due it being pearlescent. The poor bit was, we 
could still not get the thing to start, but that was most likely down to 
the Alarm system installed. After much thought and consideration I paid a 
200 pounds deposit on condition of it running ok when we eventually 
sorted the alarm system out.

And so on.

The following week, I sold my own car, so I rang the garage and told them 
that I wanted to pick the quattro up on Saturday, to which I was told `we 
have not had time to get it going yet, but we will do it now`
To cut another long story short, after about 10 phone calls over a period 
of a week, it eventually turned out that the car was not their's to sell. 
Basically they had taken it in to repair the paint work (after the 
supermarket incident) and the guy never picked it up. It later turned out 
that he had been arrested and was locked up in Leeds Nick. (Armley?) They 
were trying to sell it to get their money back.
Drug dealers seemd to come into the conversation at some point.

Eventually I gave up, and bought the car I have now.

The car used to be owned by a QOC member from Harrogate, because I spoke 
to him before I decided to buy the car. He looked after it, although it 
did get a new turbo fitted for some reason at around 60K.
It is in good condition and yes it does have a FSH, but after all the 
stories about drugs etc etc... it does make you think.
(You should of heard the type of music that was in the stereo!!!)

Worth going to look at, but make sure they have sorted out the ownership 
of the car, if they try to hide anything, walk away !!!!!!
It also has Air Con.

They offered it to me for 10K, so don't pay 12K for it.
I also still have the list of things I wrote down that were wrong with 
it, so if anyone wants the details, just drop me a line.

In fact, if anyone does go to look at it, drop me a line, as I'd like to 
go along if you don't mind :-)

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
4 Wheels - Audi Quattro			UK Audi Quattro Owners Club
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