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Gas & Passats

Hizzoner Phil writes:  (Re - driving tank till empty)

> Not necessarily a good idea.  It can drain sludge and debris from the tank int
> the fuel filter.

True!!  And the other thing I forgot about - many fo the newer 
fuel pumps do'n't LIKE  being driven till bone dry.  The pumps depend 
on fuel around them for cooling!!  (My dad's '96 Ford F-150 manual
specifically warns NEVER to drive the tanks dry for this reason...)
> A better idea is to do it the way Audi documents - drain the tank, put in the 
> standard amount, and calibrate the gauge.  I have the instructions for the 
> various ur-quattro gauges - the same instructions must exist for other cars.

I have followed this discussion with interest - I've been deep inside 
the dash on my 1990 200 and can't recall any adjustment anywhere.  
Perhaps this is a feature which is not present on all Audis??

Another note:

The latest Autoweek has an article on the VW Passat.......

HOLY GEEZ!!  Looks like an A4 with a different grille to me.  I now 
understand more of the concerns voiced about blurring product lines.  
The article sez VW is positioning the Passat as slightly lower priced 
than the A4, but it's actually larger.  However, with AWD it will 
cost more than the A4.  Evidently the V6 (same as Audi) will be here 
in the spring.

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