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91 200qw hose replacement/boost problem

Just replaced the big octopus breather hose with a new one from
Carlsen (first Carlsen experience... thumbs up).  (BTW even Linda's
suggested retail price was 8 bucks less than my local dealer's price.)
Anyway, I'm still experiencing limited boost while the engine compartment
is still very hot after being parked for a short time.  After a bit of driving,
full boost returns.  Still have the hunting idle, _almost_ stalls when cold,
very boggy initial throttle application.  So probably still have a vacuum
leak, somewhere.  Gonna try the pressurization test some have

Question: On the 3B engine, if I pull the dipstick or remove the oil filler cap,
should it stall or not?  Can't remember any discussion of this in relation to
the 3B.  Mine does not stall but removing the oil filler cap does affect it a

Also, this morning I unplugged the throttle position switch and right off the
bat experienced limited boost.  Even when cold, I can normally see the
boost gauge reach above 1.1 without full throttle.

Just trying to generate more data to point me in one direction or another. 
Any input is welcome...    ;-)           Be good, now...

Ed in Greenville, SC (USA)
91 200qw
87 Coupe GT