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re: Petrol guages adjustment

In message <s406908e.068@tamsconsultants.com> Andrew Finney writes:

> Phil, my gauge reads low at full tank and the first red line is
> definitely empty. Replaced the gauge to no avail. Must be the
> sender. Is there a way to calibrate the sender?

 Phil Payne replies:

<<<It should have a resistance of 60 ohms when full, 155 ohms when half full,
302 ohms on reserve.  With exactly 8 litres of fuel in the tank, the display 
should be half-way up the 'reserve' field.  Adjustment is by moving the 
backing paper up and down inside the gauge!>>>

 My addition:  BTDT on the old '86 4000csq (with the newer dash/interior)  On
that car, there is a small brass-colored lever that can be moved up and down;
it moves the backing on the guage.  You need to remove the top of the dash
over the guages, although it probably could be reached from the fake vent on
the right side, if you could get that open without breaking it.  Seem to
recall it was in the Bentley.  

I just adjusted it slightly so that on filling the tank, it was at the top of
the "F".  I self-calibrated it by watching how much fuel I needed when low:
 Once I put in over 17 gallons:  that was my "empty" point, and I considered
myself "calibrated" and never got that low again (near the bottom of the red
on my car, but not below).  I also remember a procedure in the Bentley to
adjust the computer (which starts flashing "30" then "25" then "E" as you get
lower).  I can look this up if anyone is interested, but this is separate
from the gas/petrol guage.

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, '91 200q