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re: putting the "check engine" light back in, '91 200q; boost guage; t-belt

My car doesn't have a "check engine" light, I assume the bulb was removed.
 If I open up the dash, can I just add the bulb?  Seems like it would be nice
to know when I record an error...

Also:  who has added an aftermarket boost guage?  Is there a way to replace
the sending unit for the boost guage in the computer to make it more
accurate?  Where did you mount the guage?  I'd consider losing my battery
volt guage for a boost guage if it matched.

Anyone want to sell/rent the VAG tools to change the timing belt?  Otherwise
I'm planning on attempting this next month using the tranny-bolt method from
the archives.  Anyone who's BTDT have the appropriate part numbers for a '91
200q?  I've been having problems getting the correct parts via mail lately:
they send the parts for a non 20v  (two wrong air filters so far!!!).  I plan
on replacing the timing belt, the idler pulley, the water pump, crank seal
(?), and other belts.  Anything I'm forgetting?

Chris Miller
'91 200q
80k miles, and (past) time to change the belt! (no documentation if it's been
done, I must assume it hasn't been).