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Re: putting the "check engine" light back in, '91 200q; boost guage; t-belt

C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
> My car doesn't have a "check engine" light, I assume the bulb was removed.
>  If I open up the dash, can I just add the bulb?  Seems like it would be nice
> to know when I record an error...

Yes, definetely do it.
Maybe the previous owner removed it in order to hide a problem. That happened to 
me when I bought an '85 5000s back in '92. The big *OK* did not show up on 
the start up. In fact, the computer display did not work at all. Turned out the 
previous owner had cut the ground lead from the brain (the one which is in the 
centre console, above the climate control head unit). When I traced the wiring 
harness (52 leads!), found and reinstated the ground path, the computer started 
beeping it's lungs out on me with a big red *BRAKES!* icon.
Since the pedal felt spongy and vibrated under the foot, while slowly recessing 
to the floor, it had seemed to be a *clear case* of a failing master cylinder. 
Replaced it for $125. The problem remained to manifest itself with a beep and a 
red icon. Replaced it again. Same thing. What the hell is wrong with this car?
That's how I learned about her majesty *THE BOMB*. No wonder, the smart ass 
previous owner disabled the computer! Should've told me openly and I would've 
not wasted $125 on the not needed MC.

> Also:  who has added an aftermarket boost guage?

I did. It's indispensible.
Mine is a 2" unit from JC Whitney, was like 15bux, coveres from -30" Hg to 
+25psi of boost and is better than either of two VDO gauges on the market (one 
goes from -15psi to +15psi - too narrow a range, the other one goes from 0 to 
+30psi - lacks negative scale). Also, VDO is like $80.

> Is there a way to replace
> the sending unit for the boost guage in the computer to make it more
> accurate?

Check with QSHIPQ, he once looked into the available Motorola pressure 
transducers. I wanted to replace mine at one point, but lost interest after I 
installed the said analogue gauge, it's just sooo much better.

>  Where did you mount the guage?

In the top left corner of the torpedo, right on the wide portion of the speaker 
I mounted this gauge and a self made LED mixture metre in two identical 2" black 
round plastic housings, that I got from Whitney for $2.50 ea along with the  
boost gauge. They look_very_stock, yet unobtrousive, partially hidden by 
the A-pillar. The last thing I wanted to do was to make the car look like one of 
those stinkmobils (excuse me, I meant the so-cal *muscle cars*), so the top 
centre dash position was out of question.
You may try to mount it in the centre console, if you don't have an aftermarket 
HiFi installed in your car. In my case it was not an option, coz my console and 
both parcel shelves are extensively reworked and populated rather densely by 
various audio equipment.

> I'd consider losing my battery volt guage for a boost guage if it matched.

Don't do it! It's an extremely valuable instrument for monitoring the health of 
your charging sys.

> I plan on replacing the timing belt, the idler pulley, the water pump, crank
> seal (?), and other belts.  Anything I'm forgetting?

Do the cam seals and the head cover gasket also.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - on order
Philadelphia, PA