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ABS Off light


just got my '90 Coupe Quattro back from having a minor blemish removed from
the rear bumper...(thankfully, he was insured)...however, the ABS Off light
is now on constantly...the body shop said it was because they had to
disconnect the battery for an extended period of time and I just have to
take it to a dealer to have it reset...

here's the painful part...$56 to reset a light because it will take them 45
minutes to do it and they need the car for an entire day...

is there a way to reset the light without the dealer's computer?  can you
buy the computer for less?!?!  isn't it more realistic that the process
might take 15 minutes tops?  i realize dealers are dealers...but it's
painful to get gouged...

Jon Baesman
'90 Coupe Quattro -- no ABS but she's beautiful again!!!
'92 BMW 325i
'80 VW Scirocco S -- gone and dearly missed...