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Re: Real euro lights for 4CSQ

Dwight Varnes <mxbreed@lancnews.infi.net> wrote:

>I've gotten a contact in the Fatherland to obtain some real live euro
>headlamps for my CGT, which are the same as the 4kCSQ 86 vintage. I have
>seen some other folks with these and am wondering if I need any special
>brackets with the lamps themselves, radiator support mods, etc.

Nope, BTDT, and they drop straight in. Just make sure you get the bulb
holders for the H4s with wires (wire colour-coding is the same on European
and US-market cars) and the bulb holders for the parking lights.

This might be a good moment to relay your lights. Small investment, big gains.



 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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