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Sport Seat repairs... (84-88)

Although I've picked up a pair of '91 sport seats, I'm still persuing the
rebuild of my old seats. Talking with Linda today, padding is still
available... All numbers except last one listed are for sport seat ONLY -
other padding numbers are readily available. Since I've found separate base
numbers for barcs and sports, I'm now satisfied you can't convert
barcaloungers to sport seats with a mere upholstery change.

447 881 377 - Left side pad - $25.00 (w/qlist discount)
447 881 378 - Right side pad - same$.
These pads wear quickly on the door sides due to being placed over a shaped rod.

I didn't price:
447 881 375 - center seat pad.
447 881 405D - center cloth cover (alcantara) - this may be superceded...

447 881 775 - backrest padding - the letter code I can't make out, but its
NOT G or J - may be 'H'

I also show a 'conversion kit for seat depth extension' - 443 898 511A or 611A

For those of you that have good leather "but" your sport seats have softened
and become shapeless - this is the inexpensive way to go. Also, It really
isn't hard to strip the lower portion of the seat down to its 3 component
pieces. If the leather is going bad, The side seat leather wouldn't be hard
to match...

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