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Re: 93 90sq cruise control tempermental

Matt Daniels wrote:

>      Mine does this all the time, ever since I bought it in March.
>      A few things have been suggested to me:
>      1. Trace the vacume lines to see if there is a leak in them. The
> line
>      starts at the top of the pedals, and goes into the engine
> compartment.
>      I did this and didn't find anything unusual
>      2. It could be the controller. It is located in the engine
>      compartment, on the left side, toward the back, and is mounted
> with
>      three bolts, fairly easy to get to, the vacume lines end here.
>      I don't know how to test it, so I don't know if it's the problem
>      3. It could be the switch. This is the switch that controls the
> cruise
>      on the steering wheel, I hear that its easy to replace, but
> requires
>      that the air-bag and steering wheel be removed. I don't want to
> mess
>      with the air bag, so I havn't done this.
>      Over all, I hardly ever use my cruise controll, so it hasn't been
> a
>      major concern of mine write now.
>      If you fine out anything let me know, I would like to get it
> fixed.
>      Matt Daniels
>      93 90S 42k miles.

I will definetly try all the things you have mentioned, and let you know
if I find anything, I am skeptical that this is going to be "easily"
fixed , however I definetly apreciate the help. Thanks, wil reply soon

Paul Dansereau
93 90sq (stock as it gets)