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A4 Avant

Was at the garage this morning for my sual cup of coffee.  started paging
through the October '97 AUTOMOBILE.

There is a double page ad for the new A4 Avant.

5 spoke audi wheels, electric blue paint job.

Has a pix of the A4 with a surf board on top and a woody wagon in the

words like Cowabunga, little deuce coupe, righteously cool, all appear in
the ad.

Audi's ad agency refes to the car as "the outrageously new Audi A4Avant."

Dont know if I'm into cowabunga or righteously cool, but the sheetmetal is
impressive enough.  \MSRP of $30,465 in FWD trim with a 5speed tiptronic.

Looks way cool to me!!

Bill Murin
'90 100q

a child of the 60s.