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Re: Getting a Full Tank in a 90Q

At 05:33 PM 8/29/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>There is an amount left to prevent overheating
>>the pump from lack of cooling.
>Is this amount fuel "pumpable"? My real question is- can I indirectly 
>cause damage to the fuel pump thru overheating because I let the car run 
>out of gas? Or does this cooling fuel remain in the pump even after I've 
>run out of gas?

It's possible damage could be done. More likely would be early failure due
to debris sucked up through the screen or a partial blockage. 
Fuel injected cars should NEVER be driven routinely under 1/4 tank - any
good mechanic will tell you that. I rarely go under 1/2. Costs just as much
money to keep it full. The mileage loss from carrying an extra 60-80 pounds
of fuel is negligible (compared to the tools and spare parts Phil carries...)
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