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Re: Heads up on MC cap

Michael Murphy wrote:
> Good evening. . .
> Here's a heads-up for the cap on brake master cylinder - 89 100 nonQ
> (don't know if it applies to other MCs and don't have MC PN)

Got a split cap here too on a 1984 4k fwd. As far as I know no-one
except my wife and I have touched that lid in several years. Although
she can often twist open jar lids that I can't. :)  Ours has the sensor
in it so #'s are different. Looks like I need to find two caps: one for
replacement and the other to make a pressure bleeder as my '86 4kq has a
leaky slave.
'91 200 20vtq (sitting in driveway 'till Tuesday, needs timing belt)
'86 4kq
'84 4k
(good thing I have 3, at least one is always running)