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workin' on the Coupe

Today I switched my strut housings back to stock.  I had modified my
original strut housings to accept shorter Scirocco struts.  I was
suspecting that the struts were not being held tight enough in the
housings for certain reasons, and was causing the front end to feel
slightly loose.

So, I had to pull them out today.  The strut housings I had were from an
earlier model, so I had to get bearings and have them pressed
out/pressed in to keep my 4 x 108mm hubs.

What a bear!  I worked on it all day.  It's still a pleasure.  My car
actually got lower.  I think it's because the new-to-me Coupe struts are
hydraulic, and the Scirocco struts were gas, and helped hold up the car.

I am going to put in my cam this weekend.  (I know I've been saying this
since May, but I'm serious)  Got the valve cover off, and the engine at
TDC.  I need to get a socket adaptor so I can use my 1/2" torque wrench
w/my sockets tommorrow.

My timing belt does have small cracks, so I think I'll keep going and
replace that and the H2O pump too.  Not that I wasn't going to anyway.

Hey, it's really easy to move the engine by putting it in fifth w/the
plugs out and moving the car.  I've never done that before!  Cool!

QUESTION:  Is it OK to remove the cam pulley bolt by just taking it off,
relying on the cam belt to hold it, or is there some other way I should
hold it static while I do it?

Dammit!  My head has the shouldered studs for the valve cover, and I've
got a rubber gasket w/the metal rings molded in.  So, now I gotta get
the studs.  Sheesh, always something!



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