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Uk Audi reg letter changes .>was Re: A4 inventories

Phil Payne wrote:
> They have to divert a lot of production to the UK - our registration date  letter changes on 1 August each year.  1/3rd of our imports are in July.
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>  Phil Payne
>  Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club

Phil ;
   Could you explain this British cultural quirk of wanting the newest
registration plates ? I was born and raised in Britain but left before
my interest or age got to motors. Sitting from this chair in Canada
it looks like strictly a bragging right or oneupmanship. 
To quote my brother "Not very British, I'd say ..."  ;)

 Patrick James
 Aging 4000q,timing advanced,intake modded,TB modded,exshaust modded