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Re: more 4000 quattro questions

John Graham wrote:
> joe rae wrote:
> > My 4000csq, is getting hard to put into first gear every once in a
> > while...
> > is this just a sign that I need to change the trannsmissio oil? what
> > is the
> > best oil to use. And if it is not  trannsmission oil what could it be?
> >
> > Later
> > Joe
>  It looks like the first gear syncro is going bad.
> Make sure you read the manual to see if the 4000csq takes a GL-5 or GL-4
> gear oil.
> Never put a GL-5 oil in a transmission that specs a GL-4. Note the newer
> Quattros use a
> GL-4 synthetic. But you must use a GL-5 in the rear Diff because it's a
> hypoid gearing.
> John.
> 1990 CQ
	Dont forget the clutch or clutch slave cyl could be going bad,and not
letting the gears to stop turning completely causing the same complaint.