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MB 600 in Princess Diana wreck

I'm sure most, it not all of you have seen the remains of the MB
6-series that Princess Diana was in.  After looking at the several
different pics of the wreck, hearing how things like the radiator were
actually pushed into the passenger compartment, and the roof collapse,
it made me wonder what actually would have happened should they have
been in an A8.  It's been proven that Audis are the safest cars in
Europe, and after seeing crash results where the foot wells on other
cars were damaged severely in head ons, but untouched on Audis, I
seriously wonder 'what would have happened??'  

I remember seeing pictures in the past, of Diana and her sons skiing in
miscellaneous places, and ALL of those times, I have seen her
transported in a 100QW or A6QW.  Too bad they weren't in one in this

The MB 600 is a VERY stout car, but I wonder what would have happened to
an A8 at 100MPH.  No flames intended, just pondering different theories.

-Mark Nelson

'90 s2 (building for SCCA Pro Rally)
'85 4kstq (10VT transplant in the works)