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Re: A8s & other stuff...

Our Brother Phil Payne, he of ol' Blighty fame, opens his mouth and, VOILA!

> light output of my ur-quattro, and went for the auxiliary wiring harness and
> high wattage bulbs precisely because of the stealth factor - the better
> solution would have been specialised additional lights, but the 'poser'
> factor put me off the idea.

"Amen!" singeth the chorus!  That's why me porker is sans spoilers.   I
cringe whenever I see an atmo-911 with a tail for just that reason.  There
may be something that I'd less rather be considered than "poser," but none
of them come to mind at the moment.

Well, excluding labels dealing with one's sexual proclivities, that is...

> I much prefer stealth.  Then, ultimately, it's _your_ choice whether you
> or not.  Without stealth, you have no choice but to be a player.

Gotta love that man!!!  Say Phil, give me a "heads-up" when you come over
to this side of the Pond.  I definitely owe you a drink!  Maybe even more
than one...  And if you get to the DC area, I've got low-cost lodgings
available too.

As in, "Gratis..."

> What did that famous American once say about walking and sticks?

Do you mean, that guy who said "Money talks, Bullsh*t walks?" and later
said "So stick that where the sun don't shine?"

Or did you mean Teddy?

yer kindly ol' Unka Bart