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Re: Urq Ignition woes

First of all. Ignition will have no effect on mixture. Second sounds like
your at top dead center of the exhaust stroke not the compression stroke.
Turn your engine one more revolution. 

Phil can help with the setting up of the fuel injection. I assume
KE-jetronic. But am not familiar with the UR-Q's.

Lorens Kulla

From: Andrew Pennell <apennel@vermontel.com>
To: 'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'
Subject: Urq Ignition woes
Date: Saturday, August 30, 1997 9:29 PM

Regarding my 81 TQC gray market.

This past week I decided to check all of the adjustments to my ignition
system in order to cure the following: 

The engine runs very rich. The plugs are black from carbon and the smell of
gas is apparent. The engine runs rough especially at idle. It lopes along
as if it has a racing cam or something. The injectors don't appear to leak
and their pattern is ok. Also, the cold start valve does not leak. 

According to my Introductory Service manual, The engine should be at TDC,
the camshaft sprocket dimple should line up with the valve cover, and the
markings on the distributor should line up with each other. You will not
believe what I found:

With engine at TDC the camshaft sprocket dimple is not visible (not sure
how off it is until I pull the cover off). In addition, the distributor was
180 degrees from the inner marks lining up.  
With these conditions, is it possible for the engine to even run correctly?
Could my camshaft belt have slipped to throw all of these settings off?

I found one more thing to add a little confusion to the whole situation. My
distributor has two tick marks: one located on the outside casing, and the
other on the inner disc (the rotating center). In addition it has a dimple,
also on the rotating disc. Shouldn't the post ( the part that the rotor
snaps to ) line up with the tick mark on the rotating disc so that when the
rotor is attached points in the same direction as the tick mark? Can this
be adjusted? Should I line the distributor up by the tick mark on the
rotating disc or by the rotor? Also, what is the dimple for, should I
ignore it?

I hope I explained this well enough that someone can shed some light on the
situation. I would appreciate your help. 

TIA - Andrew Pennell