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G60's on 4kq

Hi All!

So I've got this '85 4kq that I am turning into a hot-rod
street/commuter car.  I'm using the G60 twin piston calipers off my CQ
(since I don't need them anymore), and obviously since this is a much
bigger caliper, the G60 bracket mounts are a little farther apart than
the stock calipers.  It looks like we are just going to make an adapter
plate to mount off of the stock holes on the 4k strut.  I was wondering
what others of you did, that have transplanted G60's on a 4kq?

Also are the rear calipers on the 4kq, the same as on the back of a CQ?
I'm trying to find my CQ rear calipers, but not having much luck.  I
have the brackets, and they matched up perfectly with those on the 4kq.
I just want to check to see if there is a difference though.

Basically, I'll go ahead and give you all a brief run down on the car.
The car was in a very minor accident that bent the right front fender
and the right front strut (the control arm was fine).  I bought a new
right front strut assembly, and am putting brand new KYB inserts in all
the way around.  I have a brand new set of Eibach springs (the Pro Kit),
that came with the car, so I'm putting those in as well.  I am
rebuilding all the axles and have put new bushings in all of the control
arms and subframe mounts.  I bought a complete set of new ATE machined
rotors, which are being cross-drilled by a machine shop as we speak, and
I bought a complete set of metal master pads.

A 10VT motor is going to be bought this coming week out of an '88 5ktq
w/83K miles.  I have got a new ABT Sport Cam (almost a full 1/2" of
lift!) that I bought from Walter at Europart, and will be doing some
other top end modifications.  Essentially this is going to be a fresh,
but very built engine going in this car.  More info to come later,
including a possible tranny swap to a 90Q tranny (maybe out of my CQ).

The car will then go off to the body shop to have the dents fixed, and
repainted the original Silver.  I am going to be purchasing a set of
Dunlop D40 M2 225/60ZR16's and mount them on a new set of MSW Type 55

As a result, I will be selling the 14" Ronals  (in good condition) for
$35/each and in about a month, I'll have the NA 10V for sale, with 103K
on it (still runs great).

Oh, just thought of another question...what have some of you other 4kq
owners done for sway bar modifications?


-Mark Nelson

'90 s2 (Building for SCCA Pro Rally)
'85 4kstq (10VT transplant in the works)