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Re: MB 600 in Princess Diana wreck

Mark Nelson wrote:
> I'm sure most, it not all of you have seen the remains of the MB
> 6-series that Princess Diana was in.  After looking at the several
> different pics of the wreck, hearing how things like the radiator were
> actually pushed into the passenger compartment, and the roof collapse,
> it made me wonder what actually would have happened should they have
> been in an A8.  It's been proven that Audis are the safest cars in
> Europe, and after seeing crash results where the foot wells on other
> cars were damaged severely in head ons, but untouched on Audis, I
> seriously wonder 'what would have happened??'

These exact thoughts went trough my mind, as I was watching CNN 'till 03:00 this morning.
Although I don't think an A8 would've scored much better in a collision at such a speed 
(I rode in an S600, it's a friggin' bank vault), I do strongly believe that the quattro 
AWD could've helped to retain stability and avoid the crash altogether. 
A heavy automatic reardriver is downright suicidal, when driven at high speed.
Even a miniscule jerk of the steering wheel, and it goes all over the place.
As Mark said: an MB for me? Naah!
As George said: let our loved ones drive/ride Audis!

My mother, 61, is obsessed with an idea to learn to drive a car. In LA!
If she insists, tho, I'll fly down there and get her a 4000 automatic.
The very thought he her doing her first awkward driving steps in any other car scares the 
living hell out of me.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - on order
Philadelphia, PA