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RE: G60's on 4kq

I know it would require a lot work, but I was thinking of doing the
transplant from two standpoints:
1) The shift linkage on 4kq's and 5kq's just plain sucks.  The plastic
bushings (or whatever you want to call them) love to break and/or wear
out making the tranny shift crappy.  The kicker is that they are a major
PITA to change out.
2) I would prefer to have the Torsen center diff, instead of a manual
diff lock.

It's not something I have my heart set on, but it is an idea I have
tossed around.

Thanks for the info!!

-Mark Nelson

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> In a message dated 97-08-31 13:04:59 EDT, you write:
> << More info to come later,
>  including a possible tranny swap to a 90Q tranny (maybe out of my
> CQ).
>   >>
> Those transmissions are incompatable with the 4000Q's gearbox,
> differences
> are:
> The speedometer drive: The 90Q/CQ use a electrocal pickup the 4000 is
> mechanical.. 
> The CV shafts are of different lenghts
> The propeller shaft is of a different length
> The shift linkage is entiely different
> I'm not saying that it will be impossible to install a later box into
> the
> 4000Q it will just entail alot of work...  
> The ratios for the 90 q are as follows:
> 1st:  3.55
> 2nd:  2.11
> 3rd:  1.30
> 4th:  .94
> 5th:  .79
> final  4.11
> These are fairly close to the 4000Q box that you have....
> Scott