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Re: Oxygen Sensors

Christopher Olson wrote:
> It seems a lot is said about oxy sensors and how important they are for
> performance.  Would someone please give a short explanation of what they
> are, what they do, and how to go about figuring out if you need a new
> one?  TIA.
> Chris Olson
> 90V8
	The o2 sensor does just that it senses oxygen in the exhaust and uses
that information to adjust the fuel ratio for optiumum economy and
emissions and performance.O2 sensors need periodic replacement because
they live in a very harsh environment(your exhaust)temperatures can
reach 1800'F,not to mention the soot of unburnt gasoilne and tiny
amounts of oil flowing through the engine and out the tailpipe.
To figure out if a new sensor is required can be a very complicated
procedure.And sometimes can be very easy (when the sensor shorts out
internally).The best way is to follow all factory recommended
replacement intervals on tune up items.The engineers spend alot of time
figureing out how long this stuff will last so listen to them.Read your
owners manual and it will list the intervals of replacement.