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Re: MB 600 in Princess Diana wreck

In a message dated 97-08-31 13:04:19 EDT, you write:

>Speaking of the motorcycles in the chase, I remember the media
>speculating that the car slid out of control when the driver swerved to
>miss something.  Seems to me this may have been another instance, where
>a Quattro could have prevented this accident.

Only one or two people really know what happened...and one of them is in an
And to Mercedes Defense, they build way above average saftey cars.  Force of
impact would be e\quivilant to dropping a A8 off the Empire state building.
 I doubt the A8's roof would be sound.  In any event, it is most likely not
the cars fault at all.  It can't steer for you, and it can't make you where

Carter J
Carter J