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MB 600 / Safety

	Sadly, I have heard of no car company that runs crash tests on
"immoveable barriers" configured like a pole, tree, etc.  Instead, front
crashes are on barriers that use whole front of car, or offset tests that
take 1/2 or so.  Over the years I have seen most, not all, car company
crash tests and, still have not seen a side or front impact with a pole /
concrete pylon test or a rollover test done by the factory at mid-speed
and until after the litigation has started.  The 600 shown last night
looked like it met the wreck that really can't be tested for---high speed,
concrete pylon strike, rollover.  Those my friends, you just must avoid.

	BTW, blaming Mercedes here is of no use.  Repeat that wreck 100
times w/ 100 different cars and you will likely see similar results.