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re: oxygen sensor...

<<and he found that the oxygen sensor was

burned out (only 73,000 miles).>>
Audi service interval is supposed to be about 60,000 miles for the oxygen

<<<Naturally the S4 uses a unique part.  ("Turn around, bend over, here

it comes....") $150 for the sensor!  It looks a lot longer than the usual

Bosch 3-wire ones I've seen.>>>

It is a longer harness, but the same sensor.  You can purchase a generic
version without the wiring harness for somewhere around $60 or $70; try
german parts and restoration or imparts.  You will have to cut and splice on
your existing wiring harness.

<<<Why don't engineers use standard parts when designing this stuff?

Why do they have the chutspah to assume that *their* solution is

so unique that it demands unique parts?  Aaargh!Doug Haley
Good point; however, it's probably the same cost for them to get x hundred
thousand supplies with longer wires as with standard wires.
Hope this helps, Chris Miller, Windham NH
c1j1miller@aol.com, '91 200q *with the same custom oxygen sensor as the S4*