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FS: '90 Coupe Quattro $8500, 108,000 mi.

Hello q-listers,
       Well I had the opportunity to drive a '90 coupe q for sale here
in the Denver area. I know the guy pretty well as I bought a 5000 
turbo-since gone- from him about 4 years ago and have known him
ever since. Anyway, he's got this black on black coupe for sale and
he let me drive it just because I asked. I didn't tell him that I might
be able to sell it to him via the list as I don't want him or any vendor
trying to sell their cars here, especially for a profit. So here are the 
particulars: Car started and idled fine. Valve lifter or two needs 
replacing-click comes and goes. Decent power from the 20 valve
through all gears. Shifted fine, but I noticed that upon takeoff, there 
was a bumping type noise beneath me. I'm sure that it's the center
carrier bearing. Also upon tight left turns, I hear the outer C.V. faintly
clicking. The ABS light flashed on and stayed on for a while, then
went off. A light out in the oil pressure guage and the radio station
light doesn't illuminate, the rest of the lights work fine. The headlights
are sandblasted along with the lower fogs. A/C works well from what I
could tell. A few belts squeal every once in awhile-maybe just need
tightening. There is a small crack in the front spoiler/bumper-left side,
 and the hood shocks need replacing. The speedlines look good but there
are a few spots that are peeling. The paint looks very good! The car has
been repainted due to alot of rock chips on the hood and fenders-note the
sandblasted headlights. But the paint job looks really nice considering. All
windows and sunroof work well, seats are in excellent condition and heated.

I am nitpicking here but I just want anyone interested to know what kind
of condition the car is really in without any surprises. I don't know if he
is flexible on the price at all but I figure the car needs about $1000-$1500
in repairs to make it really nice.  I may have missed an item or two and if
so, I am sorry. Anyway, there is nothing in it for me whatsoever. Just want
a capable car in good hands for someone who doesn't mind doing a little
work to it. My girlfriend loved the car, she just wants a red one?? Not that
they're not nice, I Just prefer black as the troopers don't quite look at me as
Just thought I'd pass it along. His name is Phil and his mobile number
 is (303) 921-1773. He doesn't even know that I've posted this to anyone.
Good luck,

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq black on black and loving it!
 Why does she want red??? Must be a girl thing.