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Re: 16" Rims on 4kq's

Mark Nelson wrote:
> Can anyone running 16" rims on a 4kq, preferably with Eibach Pro Kit
> springs, provide me with any thoughts or comments on rim widths and tire
> sizes you're running.  I'm thinking of a 16x17.5" w/probably a
> 225/40ZR16 Dunlop SP Sport 8000.  TIA!!
> -Mark Nelson
> '90 s2 (Building for SCCA Pro Rally)
> '85 4kstq (10VT transplant in the works)

	This has to be a typo "16x17.5" the rims would stick out past the
fender lips at least 10 inches!!!
	I run 15x7 wheels from a 90cq on my 4kcsq and they rub in the rear