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re: q on timing belt, '91 200q; also bulbs for city lights?

I bought my '91 200q 20v (3B) with about 69k miles; the shop who sold me the
car says they thought that the belt had been changed; but provided no
documentation.  The belt cover is cracked,and you can pull it slightly to the
side to see that the belt looks good.  They were acting as broker; never met
the owner.  Anyways, I'm up to 80k miles and took off the timing belt cover
to check the belt better.  Thus the question:
My belt has the following markings:
CRP Automotive B-197
Replaces 034-109-119A
Do Not Crimp
2354 30

Does this appear to be the factory original?  I thought that Audi used either
Continental or there own marked belts.  This one appears to be in like new
condition, no visible wear, no cracking, etc.

Second question:  I have two different bulbs in my city lights:
Philips 12821 12V 5W
Osram 5008 12V R10W
The 10W bulb is noticably brighter.  Has anyone added brighter bulbs?  Are
the lenses focused for use as headlights, or just as daytime running lights?
 Can the lens handle higher wattage, like a fog light bulb?
Thanks for any input
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com