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Re: Proportioning rear brakes--part2

Myke456@aol.com wrote:
> Is there a component that would cause a reduction (below original design) of
> hyd pressure to the rear brakes?
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	Yes there is something to ckeck.At the left rear control arm front
bushing there is a proportioning valve that is load sensitive,ie the
more weight in the car the more the rear brakes work.And they have a
tendancy to sieze up at the pivot point.
	To check:1)jack up car and use jack stands or take it to garage with a
hoist.2)find valve,it is located on the drivers side at the front pivot
bushing of the rear control arm( I know that description is confusing
this one might be better-stand on the drivers side of car at the rear
door and look under veh.)
The valve is connected to the control arm by a spring and linkage the
linkage siezes up at the pivot causing it not to function properly.
To repair free up pivot with penetraiting oil and lube.Also lube spring
with Anti Sieze to prevent squeeking.