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'84 5KS bucking bronco

Well, I've been working on the 5KS the last few days, and
I'm really surprised the car was running so well
considering the number of things I've found wrong
while trying to diagnose various problems. Bad
vacuum lines to the left and right, bad sensors,
bad plug wires, etc. etc. luckily I have a donor
car handy, but even some of the parts on that one
were bad too.

As for the bucking problem, the car runs fine,
plenty of power, etc. But when you engage
first gear and put a load on the engine, such
as going up a steep incline, the engine seems
to quit and catch, simulating "Freight Train"
from Bullriders International.  Through parts
changing with a known good car, I've changed
the coil, distributor, (bad vacuum advance on
both), plug wires, cleaned and replaced connectors
to coil and various sensors. There also seems to
be a small surge occasionally in 1st and 2nd gear

I'm wonder whether the deceleration cutoff might
be responsable, but from what I've read in the
Bentley, it looks like you need the Audi tool to

Any insights or suggestions from those who have BTDT
would be greatly appreciated.



'90 V8Q  82K miles
'84 5KS 170K miles

... Maybe it's right to be nervous now...
___ Blue Wave/386 v2.30