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4kcsq clutch troubles continue...

Hi all,
  You may remember a few weeks back I asked about my faulty clutch: the
pedal wouldn't come quite all the back up after release, and more
importantly, it began to engage closer to the bottom as time went on.
For example, if I drive in suburban stop/go traffic, the clutch starts
fine, but over and hour or two, it starts in complain, and finally
yesterday, it refused to go into any gears. I left the car at a gas
station, came back 12 hours later, and the clutch was fine. This is a
cycle that I seem to be able to do everyday.
  I have replaced the master clutch cylinder, with no signs of
improvement to either problem. I tend to believe the slave cylinder
maybe to blame, but it's so hard to get at! Does anyone have any
hints/tricks/tips on this one? Or any other ideas as to what maybe
causing the problems?

87 4kcsq shiftless... sometimes
86 4kcsq shifting parts into other cars...