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FS: '85 4k project car...

Having relocated my shop to my girlfriend's garage (losing 50 sq./ft in the
process), I've decided I'd really like to find a new home for my 4k project.
As it sits, the car has a full roll cage installed and has a zero mile 1.8L
Techtonics Tuning IT-spec motor installed ... I've also got a lot of spares
for it that I'm willing to sell (new radiator, 4 new 7x15 Ronal R8 wheels,
etc.).  The car was originally built for autocross and/or open-track use but
it's also perfect for Pro Rally's U2 class and would make a neat "Super
Touring" style car for street use ... okay, maybe not that last one.

The price?  $1,500 for the rolling shell & motor (I paid 50% more than that
for the motor alone!) and $2,200 for the shell, motor and every new and used
4k-related part I have.  Heck, I wll even throw in a rolling '81 part car if
you want it.  The reason?  Now that I've got an Ur-q to maintain, it seems
like I no longer have any time to spend working on it!  :^(

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