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T/O or thrust bearing?

Hello fellow Q-listers,

I need some help. I just installed a 3.0L engine into my Corrado. The 
clutch was changed to a Sachs Sporting unit, and the tranny recieved a 
Quaife diff, and was also freshened w/ bearing and a syncro or two.

I primed the engined before start up. It fired almost imeadiatly, and 
pressure went instantly to four bar, then up to 6 within the next 10 
seconds. I allowed the engine to come up to temp, varying the rpm  
frequently. Then shut the car down. About an hour later, after 
checking some torque specs. I restarted, placed the tranny in gear (car 
off the ground), and let out the clutch to allow the fresh lube to work 
its way through the tranny. Upon shifting it up a gear, I heard 
what sounded like a bad throw out bearing. I depressed the clutch again, and 
the noise became quite loud. With the clutch released, no noise at all.

At this point, I'm quite upset, needless to say. I want to start breaking 
in my new 3.0L. So out the tranny came so the clutch and related 
components could be inspected. The clutch in the VR6 cars is just like 
the Audi set-up. Everything appears fine, guide is good, bearing good, 
fork straight, all pivot points lubed, clean, no marks on anything that 
would indicate rubbing/contact. I'm trying a new bearing tomorow. 
However, in the back of my mind I'm worried the thrust bearing is 
producing the racket! Anyone out there have any experience w/ bad thrust 
bearings in an engine? Any other idea's?

Thanks much for all input!