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86 5000CST wheel bearing

I'm finally getting back to taking care of a few things on my car, after
being out of town for the last few weekends!  One of my front wheel
bearings is getting REAL bad, so I'm going to replace it when I do the
CV boots next weekend.  When I did my Jetta in the past, I borrowed the
Schley Products puller tool, which allows removal of the bearing with
the strut still in the car.  When I did my moms audi (much larger
bearing) a couple of years ago, the cup on the tool was not big enough,
also the Audi had only one circlip, and a shoulder which the bearing is
pressed against.  I wound up taking the whole strut out, and having a
machine shop press in the bearing.

Does anyone know if there is a tool out there that will allow removal on
the car 86 5000CST (no ABS)?  Is it available for rental anywhere?

Also, I remember recently someone posting a bearing supplier in NH which
carried FAG.  They also posted the part # which was needed to order.

Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA